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Welcome to Miller Pads and Paper!  We are a family business based in rural Southwest Wisconsin.  We strive to supply quality products and service to all of our customers at discounted prices!



Convention Schedule 2014




We are excited to announce the convention schedule for this new year!  Miller Pads and Paper has always striven to provide the best products, shopping experience and customer service at all of the conventions across the United States.  We have been refining our schedule over the last few years, which allows us to better serve our customers.  We’d encourage you to find the closest convention near your home and attend it because it will provide you with the opportunity to interact with our helpful staff in selecting the best art and homeschool products on the market.  We strive to make sure that you are given the best advice on which product will fit your situation and expertise best.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via E-Mail or phone!


If you are unable to attend one of the conventions, then we’d encourage you to browse our full selection of products on our website!


March 14th-Palestra/Homeschooling Works-HSW

March 20-22 GHC Greenville, SC

March 21-22 North Dakota

March 27-29 GSLHE (St. Louis)

March 28-29 IAHE Indiana

April 4-5 M.P.E Kansas City

April 11-12 MACHE Minnesota

April 24-26 GHC Cincinnati

April 25-26 MACHE Maryland

May 1-2 Oklahoma City

May 9-10 Arlington, TX

May 9-10 Harrisburg, PA

May 16-17 Des Moines, IA

May 16-17 INCH Michigan

May 16-17 MTHEA Nashville, TN

May 22-24 FPEA Orlando, FL

May 22-24 North Carolina

May 30-31 TPA Wichita, KS

June 5-7 HEAV Richmond, VA

June 5-7 ICHE Naperville, IL

June 13-14 CHEC Denver, CO

June 12-14 GHC Ontario, CA

July 10-12 AFHE Phoenix, AZ

July 18-19 Chattanooga, TN

July 25-26 Southeast Expo Atlanta, GA

July 24-26 THSC Woodlands, TX


See you at the conventions!

We are in the process of developing a mobile app by Michael VanderMeer that will allow you to shop directly on your smartphone.